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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Body, Soul and Spirit......

Hey guys!!! I woke up this morning thinking what to blog about and then it hit me.

They say "an idle mind is a devil's workshop" which i think is very very true because whenever you sit idol you are most likely to start pondering about things that are not so significant and that may create some kind of negative energy in you. By negative energy i don't mean demonic or some sort of evil(which is not impossible..LOL). 
On the serious note, i think negative energy can come in a variety of ways like simply feeling envious, jealous, greedy and emotions like that, which can influence you in so many ways.. Its completely normal and i am sure everyone goes through it, but i don't think its something to be proud of. They say a single sinful thought or negative thought can/will be developed into an action sometime or the other voluntarily/involuntarily. Now we don't want that happening do we.. is another thing whenever i look in the mirror, i see is the reflection of my face and body but that's not it, i realized that there is more to it. What i mean is everyone has a Body but they also have a Spirit and a Soul, now i know that's weird but its true. I am not going in depth about it but i do want to say that your soul should be nurtured and fed by your faith. so according to me i nurture my soul and spirit by reading the gospel and meditating with prayer. I think its very important in life because it helps to see all the blessing that you fail to see with the naked faithless eye and sometimes it lets you hear the only voice that tries to speak to you every second of every day calling you by your name, and that's God's voice.

 Well it can also be the other voice dressed in red telling you to tell lies and murder people but..... hey you can figure that out. If i go in depth i am going to have talk about spiritual warfare, miracles, etc.. which i will, on my next blog.

As i mentioned earlier, about the body soul and spirit, the body is also very important to keep healthy and glowing (we all know that), "FOOD"(not junk food),.. okay very important for the body without which it cannot function properly. If you eat and eat that aint gonna work to keep your body fit and healthy, i used go to the gym but for some people working out just doesn't work that includes me (i am not talking in terms of calorie burn). Rather i feel when you workout you start developing a toughness to your body which is not feminine at all( my opinion).

But at the same i know i have to keep fit somehow. I never really used to care much about this area, but ever since i got married i gained a few pounds here and there. I was still pretty okay with the weight gain until i went shopping and tried on cute dresses, only to find out how pathetically fat i looked in them. I had to do something about it or else i would bloat into a fat pig in no time so i came across Bikram/hot yoga

A lot of people think its for flexibility and also for people who have health problems and all that but although that's true it also helps your body to be fit, improving circulation and it taking out all the toxins from your body. 

So basically In Bikram Yoga, they put you in a 105 degree room which is really really hot, make you do all these yoga postures(not that easy) for 90 minutes. Now let me tell you that while your doing all these postures, pretty much soaked in your own sweat, you are basically pushing your body to it's utmost flexibility and that can be a little uncomfortable. But once you are done with the session it feels really good. It teaches you to relax, improve your body's strength and balance. I haven't checked my weight recently though i am not too worried about it anymore because i already feel the difference.
Hope you enjoyed reading my blog...      Have a beautiful day!!

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  1. I never tried yoga before but it seems to relax our mind and beneficial to our health! Thanks so much for trying my recipe, glad you like them. Have a great weekend dear...